Thursday, March 01, 2012

TiLT - Random Happiness

This Thursday's edition comes to you from my congested and sickly mind.  I needed to think about things that make me happy as I muddle through this cold.

 1. Finishing a complex lace tatting project. 
Nothing has been more satisfying lately then finishing some of these lace tatting patterns from Japan.  Things can be hard to see and easily confused with where to join pieces. The pattern I worked on after this took me at least six tries to get everything lined up and connected to their proper places.  Now that I've done it I feel much elated.

2. Animals that look like Muppets.
My friend Claire pointed out animals that look like muppets from petfinder and then I went to the Vet's and this little girl was there.  She claims the vet office as her home.  She just doesn't look real and she also reminds me of an Ewok.

3. Passed out kitties. 
 I love it when the cats are just passed out, not loafing but utterly passed out on their backs. They look so peaceful and innocent.  They don't even understand how good they have it with loving owners, food and water always on paw and comfy couches, blankets, coats and beds to sleep on.

4. Vintage Fabrics. 
I may not enjoy wearing or dealing with second hand clothes much, but fabric yardage is ok in my book. The pastel like colors in this are perfect for the spring trends and I like the geometric ambiguous shapes dancing across it. I'm determined to take this 2.75 yardage and make myself a a nice little circle skirt.

5. Taking pictures. 
I just love to do this as a true hobby.  I am by no means professional but I like to capture the moment and take pictures of things to inspire me in my fashion an art.  In this picture I have my Nikon D3100 with a Diana plastic lens attachment.

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