Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just another random Thursday. 

 1. Finding a good Butcher. 
Sorry veggies but I am a huge carnivore and bring brought up on basically Korean BBQ is a big part of that.  I've been on the hunt for a good butcher that understands what kind of meat cuts I need when I can't explain them very well but have pictures.  I was happy to finally find some great butchers to work with me easily at the Market District in my hometown of Upper Arlington.  This is called California style galbi cuts, but in butcher terms it's rib in flank cut.

Photo is from Pour Porter
2. DIY bleached Leggings.
I love the way it looks like she was either spattered with her flesh or that her leggings are slowly eaten by a black plague or disease.  Sure I know it's not a very pretty description but it's fascinating to me.  This photo is from this new clothing website I am digging called Pour Porter.

3. Speaking of which Pour Porter.
This website I found randomly while going through my blogs I read and I am in love with.  It holds the same kind of style I am attracted to wanting to wear as an adult in a job where I have to dress "professionally".  Even though the clothes don't seem professional I would like to think I live in a world where it is.  Lot's of gorgeous hand dyed items and big drapey tops to make you look interesting while covering every bump and unseemly love handle.  Sure it is a bit pricey but so original and things you wouldn't normally see anyone else wearing.

4. Kawaii Cats
I love anything cats so of course when I was in Pittsburgh it was an amazing treat to get to go to this Stationary store (which I will get into more detail later).  I am a crazy cat lady so I am happy to get anything to put more kitties into my life (without actually have more then 3 real ones in the house).  This Character is Kutusita Nyanko Cat by San-X and this store is Shop Kawaii

5. Public Renegade Art
We found this during our Honey Moon in Paris while walking around the Montmartre.  If you do not recognize this it is a "space invader" by a French urban artist Invader.  if you still don't know what I'm talking about then you need to see the movie "Exit through the Gift Shop" and get acquainted with him and some other wonderful renegade artists.  I like the idea that art can be anywhere and people can have as much freedom to express their art and we are supposed to our speech.  I know it's not the same in all countries which is sad but every little piece we do if progress.

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