Monday, March 12, 2012

A liitle Pick up

Going to the drugstore is always a difficult thing for me because I have a bad habit of picking up random things that I usually don't need. I went to the CVS the other day because I needed some icy hot for my back.  Then I came across my preferred Asian remedy of Salon Pas.  While I was there I had a coupon for $15 worth of stuff for $5.00 so I had to spend it all right?  That is when I picked up these 3 beautiful colors of Essie Nail Polish.

It is never a bad Idea to "Treat yo self" is it?  I wasn't a big fan of Essie at first, but I thought I would try again since these colors were so pretty.  Turns out I had just used the wrong color when I got Essie the first time. These three were a mind changer.  Especially that middle pink glitter one.  The glitter doesn't flake off, there is variety in the size of glitter and it lays flat instead of sticking out to get caught on threads or yarn when I am knitting or sewing.  The polish is also very long wearing which is much appreciated by me as well.

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