Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OOTD in Pittsburgh

A couple weeks ago the Hubby and I were in Pittsburgh for a bit of a holiday. We were going to see the Distant Worlds Concert (which is music from the video game series Final Fantasy) with tickets that some friends had pooled together to get us for our Wedding present.  I don't talk about it very often on this blog but people forget I am at heart a huge nerd.  It is the 25th anniversary of the series and I was pretty damn stoked.  Being only thirty years old, I have spent my entire life growing up with this series and it has particularly influenced my life  in terms of style and art.  Playing and watching these games was like turning my dreams and fantasies into reality.

Now onto the Clothes!

Gary Graham Fall 2001 Silk Coat (I got this when I interned with him in the summer of 2002)
BCBG Maroon silk skirt from Jefferson Ville Outlet
Target tank top
Costume National soft pink pearlized shoes (one of my most favorite shoes)
Pearl Chandelier Earrings were a present from my Bestie in New Jersey

I love these shoes so much that I barely wear them for fear of wearing them out.  They are the most delicate pink pearl color in super soft and supple leather.  I found them on clearance at Filene's Basement many years ago (RIP).  The heel height is perfectly balanced to make them some of the most comfortable shoes that I own as well.

When my Best Friend got me these earrings for my birthday years ago I thought she was a little silly.  They were far too mature in taste for me but as time wore on I grew into them.  Now they are one of my favorite pairs of dress earrings.  The pearls are the same pink as my Costume National shoes which is a delight to wear them together.

A close up of my hair and makeup before I washed up and went to bed.  I just used a 1.5" curling iron for some soft curls at the end with no product so they would leave a soft tousled look.  My eyes were a combination of MAC and Lime Crime Products.

Here are some Candid photos from the Event.

 I have one more set to share with you from Pittsburgh but that is for another day.

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