Friday, March 16, 2012

A little Tea Party & Warhol

While we were in Pittsburgh we stayed at this old hotel in the heart of downtown called the Omni William Penn Hotel.  It was gorgeous and had antique chandeliers, charming mail chutes and a gloriously large lobby with seating area for High Tea.  Even though we didn't do the whole High Tea shebang while we were there I still treated myself to some night time comfort on our way back from meeting some friends the night before the concert.

I decided to play a little photographer to show you how ever detail was paid attention to in this hotel.  The tea is Forte which I had never seen before but now will keenly look for ordering for myself.

The next day before the Concert we hit up the Andy Warhol Museum.  It would of been better had it not been twenty bones and we only had an hour of exploration.  I feel like a lot of Warhol is lost on me because I know in his time it was all so revolutionary but now screen printing is done by any Tom, Dick or Mary, so it has lost it's value on me.  Also the "pop" art  culture is so far from where it started it is hard for me to get a grasp on his work.  No doubt I appreciate that he was inventive and revolutionary I just think too much time between my life and his has passed for me to see the genius as well.  I see his things and reference him to newer work when it should be the other way around.  Also unfortunately they have a very strict no photographer rule so I couldn't show you some of the things that did marvel and delight me such as the silver cloud room and the huge Elvis Screen prints on silver.
 What we could take pictures of was this one lobby area on the first floor that sort of gave you the Wiki version of Andy Warhol. I might want to go back with more time so I can sit and watch the episodes of his TV show and some other different artists exhibits.  I learned that he started "Interview" magazine which I didn't realize and now I kind of want a subscription.  It's amazing where some magazines get their start like how Style Rookie has blossomed into Rookie Mag.

Evidence that I was there!

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