Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nothing wasted - DIY hoop Decor

I always loved the way people hooped their favorite fabrics to hang on the wall but I also have a ton of fabrics that I want to be able to continually change.  The problem with this is that I also don't want to waste any fabric or needlessly cut up my fat quarters for this. So I found a solution and I'm sharing it with you.

I keep my fat quarter folded into two halves so that it is square.  When I hooped it I did all the layers at once trying to keep it even and in the middle.

So there is a good amount of fabric on the edges.

Then my little trick it so slide the hoop a little further down making the fabric pop out a little bit, I think this was about 3/8"popped out.  Doing this make the extra fabric want to fold into itself to help hide it.

With the Fabric naturally wanting to curl in and hide itself you just need to help it out and tuck it in.

I star with the longest pieces (just because I have an oval shaped hoop) and pull them in towards the smaller sides and secure them with pins (not safety pins, because doing the clasp might cause you to pop the entire thing out with the tension you are working with)

This is what it looks like with all my pieces pinned in.  And it sits surprisingly flat against my wall since I gave it that little bit of extra space by popping the fabric out front a little more then the hoop.

And Voila you are done, so simple and when you are ready you can unhoop it and press out your fabric to use in that next great project.

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