Thursday, March 31, 2011


This whole week has been full of Up's and Down's.  But it's Thursday so let's focus on just the good things that happened.  I never want my blog to be filled with criticism and anger.  I want it to be positive and inspiring and as me and some new friends discussed this week to "NOT SUCK" (this just pertains to everything in life).

1. Trinkets from best friends.  This ring pretty much sums up me and my best friends.  We went on a trip just the three of us to Florida about a year after they graduated (I graduated the year before).  While we were there we wanted something to commemorate our trip and us.  We kept seeing this "make your own initial ring!" stands so that's what we did.  We couldn't think of anything inventive, our initials were all weird EC, HK, IL and when we are stuck or just anything the first thing thing to escape our lips is "ehh" so there it is.  I still say it all the time and every time I do no matter what it is towards it makes me smile on the inside knowing my best friends out there in the world are doing the same damn thing.

2. GORP - one of my favorite little healthy snacks.  Right now is the best because it's Easter gorp so I can use little chocolate robin's egg's amidst my normal dried cranberries, dried blueberries and dark chocolate covered almonds.

3. Playing with Lens filters.  I got this cute little cell phone filter at the Reduction sale of a heart!  I'm still learning a lot about camera lens but this was fun way to play around and get some practice before I buy anything big for my DSLR.

4. Machine Embroidery.  You can get the most exquisite designs and complex themes together.  It is just amazing to watch these machines truck along.  Very hypnotic and mesmerizing with that whirling noise and the needle moving up and down so quickly.

Photo from Flickr

5.Classical Music.  It must be one of the most soothing things to listen to for me.  It can also make me crazy sometimes since I used to play Violin and Piano avidly growing up.  If you think Air guitar is weird you have never seen me do Air Violin or Desk Piano.  My current favorite thing to do is leave it running Pandora to a "Franz Liszt" Channel, mostly piano but also some orchestral concerto's. To be honest even though I played mostly classical music I am terrible with names and sight reading.  I would just hear things and try to replay them instead of just reading the music.  I'm trying to correct this by educating my self in music a little more.

What things are you loving this week?  If you haven't noticed yet mine are pretty random and very few have to do with fashion or sewing.  But the things that we love are what inspire us in our lives and the rest of our work is how I believe.

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