Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Business Class

Just a casual outfit I wore to work.  I'm really into wearing blazers to make my outfits a little more work appropriate, it also keeps me warm in the blasting A/C.

Grey knit Balzer from Zara Chicago
Dark Grey summer maxi dress from Garden Ridge (Yes, Garden ridge it costs me $8.00)
Black Stretch knot Belt from UO
"We're all Mad Here" necklace from Untamed Menagerie on Etsy
Christian Dior Bow earrings from my Best Friend
Dr. Scholl's Silver slide Sandals

I finished one of my toy knitting projects for a friend.  It is Sack Boy from Little Big Planet.  He'd been in the "to finish" pile for a good year and finally I just pieced him up and made his little belly pillow for stuffing.  Usually on this pattern you use glue to keep the zipper closed and then stuff it but this time I wanted the zipper to be functional so you can hide things inside or put a lavender satchel inside.

Getting this done has forced me to look through my pile of unfinished items and I need to get through them before the end of summer.  I just want a clean work area and slate before I start on the next dress for the wedding. I just got in all my goodies from Korea that my best friend sent and I can't wait to start on the reception dress!  It's going to be traditional hanbok colors but short dress and less stiff silk.  I have a lot of work ahead of me this month.

I also start teaching for College Preview next week which means I am working 4 different jobs on top of  all the wedding mess.  Expect short and sporadic updates for bit.

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