Thursday, July 14, 2011


This week has been a trial.  Getting through all this wedding nonsense is killing some of my creative spirit.  You would think "OH wedding! you get to decorate and be wonderfully creative", unfortunately that only lasts a few weeks then it is more about the organization of the entire event.

That being said I needed to branch a little more to both humor and re-inspire myself.

Freunde von Freunden - Esther Perbandt from Freunde von Freunden on Vimeo.
1. Artist Collaboration.  This video of Esther Perbandt and Marco Pho Grassi was a wonderful peek on how wonderful artist collaborations can be.  I like how she talked about his and her fears of having two strong visual personalities clash. They had great harmony and respect for each other and I hope to have involvement such as that some day.

 Photo is from

2.  This is where I come when I need a little laugh at the current fashion trends and how this quirky woman makes light of herself.  Sit down, relax and have a good laugh while getting your dose of fashion.

Image from Decor8

3. Using up Scraps.  I love finding new ways that I can use up scrap fabrics and purpose them into something else especially when it is decorative.  As soon as I saw this image from decor8 I knew I had to make these stars with all those left over scraps that could of been a collar or some sort of lining.  I just needed to let them go and allow them to become something none fashion related.

4.  OH yah.... some racial/cultural silliness.  This couple from Canada lives in Seoul, Korea and teaches English.  Their blog is their misadventures in doing so, a guide on how to get around, survive and hopefully not offend any of the natives. They also like to poke fun at the current trends and K-pop Music.

 5. Growth.  I have started to take the time and seriously prepare and dabble into some new fiber arts as well and mastering other ones.  Above is my first creation of my fabric Kanzashi type flowers where I assembled it in a new technique that I had been avoiding.  I've learned in some discussions with friends for craft to continue and grow it needs to accept some new materials and inventive non-traditional assembly.   Because I was willing to accept this non-traditional assembly I am now able to create more beautiful and larger pieces using the Kanzashi techniques.  I look forward to presenting these in the upcoming craft shows.

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