Monday, July 18, 2011

Glad it's on OTD

Hello!  It's Monday and I have a fresh green coat of hair color.  The weather has been hot, humid but sunny.  I think just being outside for this photos I needed a shower instantly afterwards.  I've been busy sewing all weekend and doing a fitting for the Singer in the band at the reception for my wedding.  The fitting went very well and almost all my sewing is at a halt until I get in the fabrics that I ordered.  I have been terrible taking progress photos of what I was sewing this weekend.  I promise to do better this week and next weekend.

Gauzy White Blouse
Banana Republic White Tank
Re-purposed Thrift Plaid Skirt (took it from a size zero to a size four)
Nike Gladiator Sandals

I am a bit in love with these shoes.  They are super comfy, sandals with this Romanesque yet modern look to them.  I can wear them riding my bike or just going out.  The only bad thing is trying to make outfits that accommodate the Hi-top aspect. I can't wear anything cropped or else it makes my legs look stumpy so it's either long skirts or mini's and short shorts nothing Capri. 

I was also sporting my gold Jaguar Necklace from Express and my Snowflake Ring from Nylon Method.

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