Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Scioto Mile

In Columbus last week this really nice new park opened up called the Scioto Mile.  Andy and I rode out bikes there to check out the opening night festivities.  It's no Bellagio but it is our own Columbus charm.  It was also a good night where I tested out our new small digital Camera and my Kodak Playsport.  We feared that since we rode our bikes and there was warning for rain that my DSLR would not be the best choice to bring on the ride.
The Park was beautiful!  It had these 4 circular rings that would either mist, spray water or even create a fog.  The ground had little water jets jumping up and down in neat rows and then there was the massive middle fountain.
 Here's some Video from when we first got there.

After the sun was completely set and they started the fountain show there were ton's of kids jumping into it having a great time.  I hope to go back soon with just some friends to do the same thing but as awkward 30 year old adults.

This was  photo of the Fog effect that the fountain was capable of.  It was really hard to see more then a foot in front of your face for a bit.  I'm sure some people ran into each other or wandered into the fountain unexpectedly.  

After the fountain we headed across the Main street Bridge to take some photos and check out the park coming form the other side.  I took the time to play with manual funcitions on the little Cannon Powershot S95.  First the just the photo of the city then the next two is me playing with the shutter speed and moving the camera around.  It was fun stuff, nothing I have done before but always wanted to try.  Next time I'm out with my DSLR I will have to play around more in the lights.

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