Friday, July 08, 2011

Eat your Heart out Martha

Ok so these outfit  pictures don't really correlate with the 4th of July weekend but I didn't like them so much and it made me think of Martha Stewart.  At least in the sense that I forced myself to wear something thrift aka I re-purposed it and it is smocked.  Let me tell you it is really hard for me to wear anything thrifted.  No matter how many times I wash something I just have this unconscious feeling that it is still dirty.  I was ok with this because only the shirt was secondhand and I had a purpose to wear it that day.  I was doing a smocking example in my Draping class.  I wanted them to see there are a lot of possibilities in Adult clothing for smocking not just little girl dresses.
Second Hand Shirt
Tiger tree belt and Buckle
Anthropologie skirt from Sale Section
Dr. Scholl's Silver slide Sandals

Now onto the "Martha eat your heart out" 
portion of my 4th of July weekend.
Andy on a whim decided it wouldn't be a proper holiday unless he smoked a bunch of meat and had people over.  He cooked 16 lbs of pulled pork and 3 racks of ribs.  I took this time to channel my inner Martha and decorated and labeled all the goodies.

It was stupid simple to make this look nice.  I just used some red, white and blue themed scrapbook paper I had and used my largest circle punch to make a bunch of these.  Then I used some simple left over cream card stock scraps to punch out the labels and wrote as clearly as I could what all the items were.  Glued the label onto the circle which I taped onto the end of BBQ wooden skewers and VOILA cute food plates.
For the pulled pork it was just a baking pan that I lined with parchment paper and I used a punch everywhere star stamp from Martha Stewart's scrapbooking line to put the cute stars into the paper so it wasn't so plain.

Using the circles again and a few smaller flower punches I used the reminder of the paper up making garlands.  I got the idea for these from BHLDN.  It was a project I wanted to try out anyways and make sure that my sewing machine could handle doing this.  It turned out perfectly!  I'll do a separate tutorial for this when I start to work on my wedding decorations.

The early people hanging out in my new decorated room.  Nothing huge but a little flair was nice.

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