Thursday, July 07, 2011

TILT - You -Tube Edition

There have been a lot of great things this week but to put them all into a TiLT would be giving them less credit then they deserve.  Instead I am going to show you some of my favorite You- Tube videos.  This has been on my mind only because I just yesterday got a Kodak Playsport hand video recorder and am happily tinkering with it.  I plan to be able to put up tutorials or just videos of some sewing processes that are easier seen then explained.

Now onto the fun!
1. This is a Cat that got stuck in a window in Romania. It is sad because the little guy is struggling so much but also great because a complete stranger goes to help the little guy out.  Here is another link of the same video with commentary in the US where the newscasters just lose it!

2. Karaoke. This guy is just loving life and singing. I took this video last night when I was out at Otani's with some friends.

3. Royal Pirates. These guys are seriously awesome. They have done some amazing Rock cover versions of some popular K-pop songs.

And they also have original songs they composed. Without you-tube I never would of known about them since they haven't officially released with a label.

4. My Drunk Kitchen. My Friend recently introduced me to this. It's so entertaining and she encompasses so many things that go through my mind not even drunk but just cooking.

5.Alexander Rybak. I like how this is his first official video, it is so low budget it hurts but his violin playing and singing is incredible. The dancers in the background are certainly random. He is also the happiest man alive when he hs performing.

And amazing how he went from the Above to this!

Finally just a little Insanity to leave you with today!

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