Thursday, October 06, 2011

Still Alive

One of my Favorite little geeky Songs was from the Ending of the first Portal.

And now you are probably wondering what in the world this has to do with anything.
Simply put I am still alive and not giving up on blogging even though I have been incredibly behind.  I've just been sick since I came back from my Brother's wedding in Madison, Wisconsin.  I have not been ideally sitting by and doing nothing however.  I have been in my moments of health actively working on my stock for Craftin' Outlaws and Crafty Super Market.  I am however being incredibly forgetful to take any progress pictures.  I have been working on an assortment of clothes to bring to the shows such as skirts, capes and maybe a jacket or two.

Also in my life I have been preparing myself to delve deep back into Academics and Art by applying for Graduate School.  Something that I hate to do only because I feel like it is something I should of done long ago.  It is however necessary for me to continue to grow as an educator since that is what I would like to be doing full time.  I scary thing is doing a new portfolio from scratch.  I haven't been working on anything in terms of new artwork in years.  I need to get the creative juices flowing again and focus on some themes of work.  I've picked a few local art exhibits to apply to just to help me focus some more and give me some deadlines.

Anyways this will be short and sweet and I promise more this week and next in a stream of interesting posts.  I end with a photo of my brother and his happy bride in the dress I made for her.

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