Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cheese Has it

No, not a fashion post.  Really this is just about Cheese.  It seems silly but it is something I love and the rows of them were a bit mesmerizing.  Just like in fashion and knitwear I love repetition of pattern in many things.  The refrigerator of all the different cheeses was oddly inspiring.

 I see the wedges and think of graphic shapes that could be formed  in fabric such as small leather paillettes sewn to a garment

 The round bins make me think of knitting in the round and filling the space with other shapes or embellishments.  Perhaps it's just me and my wild imagination.  It's funny that I really live and breath fashion and ideas in everything I do and see.  I guess this is what it means to be fully dedicated to your craft.  OK, I guess I lied and this wasn't all about cheese since I can't seem to diffuse fashion from anything in my life.  Let me tell you if you get a chance to get this cheese is is highly delicious. 

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