Thursday, October 13, 2011

TiLT - Just a little Humour

Getting back into the swing of things I am going back to my regular programming (finger's crossed).  What better way then returning with a Thing's I love Thursday!

1. This came from a friend on Facebook Cyrus Fire. (artist unknown, but please speak up if you know so I can give credit)

 2. Spending quality time with quality lady friends.  This was right before we headed out for the Columbus Fete Un Blanc Party.

 3. Yet another awesome thing randomly found that needs no words to explain it.

 4. Oh Planking..... how I love you.  Especially that clip from The Office Season opening Episode with Erin. "Planking is one of those things that either you get it or you don't, and I don't. But I'm SO excited to be a part of it!"

 5. Making it a little classy with a shout out from my Honey moon and the amazing details all around me at Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City Rome.

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