Monday, October 17, 2011

Water colors and Weekend Re-cap

 This weekend was filled with crafty, relaxation and celebration!
I knitted the most intense purple I have ever met and selected some new colors to add into my hair clips for Craftin Outlaws.  Which as always was a huge success.  I was also a dope and failed to remember to take any pictures while I was walking around.  I did pick up some cute things which I will post possibly tomorrow.  Jessica Miller did get some fantastic photos of booths and their wares.  Below are mine but you can go HERE to see the full set

 I am too short for my own booth, this is me standing.

 Great picture of my Pincushion rings.

 As for celebration it was my Nieces 7th birthday that we celebrated a day early after Craftin Outlaws.  She had a full schedule Sunday so it was nice to have an intimate family dinner with the little one.  We of course ate Korean Good at one of our favorite places Kaya.  I Shared some Dol-sut Bibimbap with Andy and of course we grilled out own Galbi and some other meat I can't recall because I was too busy gobbling what was right in front of me.

Sunday I just took it easy.  Our house guest Grace Dobush left that day after we shared a wonderful brunch at Third and Hollywood around the corner from the house.  With the Husband out hiking with some friends I settled down for a very relaxing day of nail polish, knitting and crying my eyes out to silly Korean Dramas.  The particular one I picked up is called Secret Garden.  I am 4 episodes in and so far the only thing that is happening in a garden are some awkward social status fights and daydreaming.

I picked up this stunning blue nail polish after Grace put a bug in my ear of gorgeous colors and brands when we had intense nail polish discussions Friday night when she came in from Cincinnati
The Base color is OPI's Miss America Line "Swimsuit…Nailed It!" and the top sparkle Coat is OPI Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night". I spent the rest of the time after  my nails dried knitting on a personal project that has been on the back burner for years.  It is this cute lace cardigan out of a variegated aqua blue yarn in a lace pattern.

Finally we come to the end of my first week of  daily water colors and/or sketches.  I did pretty good doing mostly water colors this week and pushing myself.
The first one is of my Cat Sophie when she does her back wiggles on the carpet seeking love and belly rubs (I know a cat especially orange girl that likes belly rubs?  crazy eh?)

Trying some more wet brush techniques doing fish and failing horribly because of the wrong paper.

I was watching some episode of Star Trek the next generation when I did this one.  Not sure what I was going for here.  I guess just some doodling.  I worked a little bit on some blending techniques since I was on the proper paper now.

A fashion sketch of something that has been mulling in my head and some gradient work on the edges.

A light sketch that started out as wanting to be a dragon fly and slowly evolved into being a palm tree with coconuts.  I really enjoyed doing this and letting the colors meld together on their own instead of forcing them.

More random sketching.  I wanted to compose something small so why not some flowers?  I tried a few different techniques here.  Flowers have been on my mind a lot because I want to do a little embroidery stitch sampler for myself using flower motifs.

Last night I nearly forgot that I needed to do something.  I sketched my toy sitting on my stomach before I went to Bed.

Tonight I have a Crafty Ladies Night at my friend Claire's!  I think I will try making these Fabric Boxes I have been eying out of a Japanese Craft Book I have.

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  1. Have you seen Sungkyunkwan Scandal? I'm actually not a fan of Korean dramas, but in that one, I practically cried my eyes out from laughing.

    The bibimbap looks SO good. It's been a while since I had some in a hot stone bowl...mmm...