Monday, October 31, 2011


This year Halloween fell on a Monday leaving the entire weekend open to costumed high jinx from all over.  It kept my weekend fully social.  Friday night was the Highball Halloween party which I normally would of boycotted but hubby really wanted to see the costumes.  I admit that going as just a spectator and not giving 2 cents about their ill promoted fashion show (which I can't even use the real title without wanting to vomit for misuse for vocabulary).    Anyways..... I had a very last minute costume.  I just wasn't feeling the vibe to get ultra creative or to embark on some huge project with everything else on my plate.  I settled for what I thought was simple cheap way out and I was a Facehugger Victim from Aliens.

 As the victim is in the movie

 This was probably the largest crowd I have seen at the event to date.  The line when I left was still a block long and that was before the festivities had really begun.

A lot of originals out there I found amusing such as these guys from Sesame Street.  

 Columbus Idea Foundry Representing

 Angry Bird and Ritchie and Margo Tenanbaum

From another party we went to which was Saturday Night I saw the coolest way to decorate apple cider/punch for a party.  They were apples carved to look like Faces with Cloves for the eyes!

  It very much reminds of that scene from Lord of the Rings where Frodo gets sucked into the Dead Marshes or the Inferius from Harry Potter and the Seaside Cave.

 The Log Lady from Twin Peaks and a Lumbar Jack
Very appropriate together

 Cheetara and Cleopartra

 The Doctor #11 & 10

And a super ghetto Sonic Screwdriver

I also went to Por Vida Saturday but that really needs it's own post to give people credit for their amazing artwork.  I had a lot of good friends put up some amazing things in the show.

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