Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today is brought to you by randomness which was set on by this gloomy weather we are experiencing here in Columbus.  I have been begrudgingly working on non-sewing projects to get my 2D skills brushed up for working on my portfolio.  It is really painful to not be making something 3D with my hands.  I am still knitting but currently it's just for me and I love it! Tomorrow I will be journeying to our last wedding of the year to attend!  It'll be a long road trip to Upstate New York and probably won't even get a chance to admire anything around us.  We go where we will for friends because we love them and want to celebrate in all their important events.  I hope you all have a great weekend ahead.

Now's let's get down to Business!
1. PhotoBooths, who doesn't love them?  Spontaneous photos full of fun and great memories.  Totally unplanned me and the ladies from the Crafty Cotillion came to the event completely matching!

2. Scrunchies, yes I said it Scrunchies.  I like them, if they are more then just holding your hair up.  I have a plethora of ideas from some Japanese hair Accessory books and I plan to be rocking my long hair all winter in a bun adorned with colorful scrunchies.

3. Ballet Day Wear style - I have been very interested in wearing layers for winter like you see off practice ballerina's wearing when they are going to or from practice.  Leggings with flimsy skirts and multi layered crop tops over thermals sounds so comfy and fun to me.  It will also strengthen my want to wear my hair in a bun with Scrunchies all the time.  Not to mention legwarmers!

4. Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones.  I've read the book and then I watched the series.  I completely hated this girl but then through the series and the book you see her quickly grow up and start to plot deaths.  You gotta give the girl props.  The actress Sophie Turner who plays her in the series does a very convincing job of portraying the character.  From all the annoying whining and preening that she does to proper womanly behavior in the court and observing laws and rules. 

5.Neurons - Currently I am super fascinated with Neurons and their networking.  I love these microscopic interpretations of them like you see here.  This is my current inspiration for my portfolio pieces.  I'm interested in how to perceive the brain activity and synapses when an artist makes their art vs. when a patron looks at the art and their reactions. 

What are the top 5 things that you are loving this week?

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  1. I've been obsessed with anything ballet-related for a while. I plan on taking some classes next spring!

    I've been loving velvet dresses, Occupy Wall Street movement, Persona 4 The Animation, and dry fruit mixes :)