Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The color of a Whale

In preparing a new portfolio for Grad School I wanted to get back into the swing of sketching and also in improving my lack luster 2-d skills. Over lunch with some lady friends we were talking about 365 projects that they were doing or wanted to do. I was thinking to myself that would be interesting to re-hash for myself. Previously I wanted to do it where I would sew something everyday. But that is nearly impossible since I work in spurts or some projects take much longer then just one evening. it was a little funny because while saying 365 my friend Claire was referring to her photography project whilst in my head I was thinking, 365 what? because I've heard of so many different types of projects done on this basis.  After that I had to run some errands at the cursed Joanne Fabrics. 

While getting some supplies and strategically planning out how to use my coupons I was browsing my favorite section of Art Supplies.  I love art supplies, the organization the colors the possibilities.  I have a small collection of sets of gouache, water colors, oil colors, markers, water color markers, etc etc. that are barely touched only for my fear of not using them properly.  I have absolutely no confidence in my 2d capabilities.  I saw in the corner a small pocket box of watercolors.  At $24.99 I thought it too costly for a little endeavor but with my 40% coupon making it approx $14.99 I could dig it.  I decided then and there that I would embark on my own 365 project that would consist mostly of water color.  It will be my exercise to get better and be creative in a new way that I haven't dedicated much time to in the past.  Armed with the pocket paints and some aqua brushes I feel this could be a less imposing way to push myself and take it anywhere with me.

Unpacking the little cakes of water color was kin to unwrapping a gift truffle box.  Each delightful color in their little chunks ready to explode on my paper.

This is my Day 1 painting, it was my cat Sophie doing her back wiggles.  Today is my 3rd day.  I'm going to make a flickr album to compile them and I would like to make a little end of the week post of the pictures from the week.  I'm not looking to make masterpieces here just give myself some exercise.  Water color is one of my favorite 2D mediums to work with.  I feel the most comfortable with it. 

Funny enough last night my friend Beth talked me into going with her to see this Moby Dick thing at the Wexner Center.  Moby Dick is a book I have avoided because I know it holds so much meaning to people and what not.  I just can't comprehend trying to read it (I know I am a horrible and backwards person).  Perhaps I will someday but only because of this.

I didn't realize it at first but then when Beth showed me another link to the event I put it together.  My friend Arnell's brother in law Matt had illustrated a book!  Not just that, but it was an Epic project and so close to the heart of the 365 project that I just picked up myself.  Listening to him speak is kind of funny because I remember when he married my friend's sister, I remember when he was a dude at Laughing Ogre Comics that I used to chat with about how much we missed SHOCC Comix and the things coming out from David Mack and Top Cow.  It was years ago but I remember the way he talked and listening to him give a presentation was a bit surreal.  It was good to hear him be the same person, candid and honest not on a  soapbox being preachy but instead humble and still in awe of this great project and what it has brought into his life.

The hardest to listen to was him talking about how difficult some parts were and how it affected his personal life.  Those are the things that scare me about art and my eventual immersion to Grad School.  I did not get the book yet because the line was just annoyingly long at the event and since I kind of have the personal hookups I don't feel the urge to get it signed right away.  I will be purchasing it very soon.  It was a thick tome and very pretty to flip through.  He will be an inspiration to many other young artists weather he realizes it or not.  He also kept a Blog which can be found here!

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