Thursday, October 27, 2011

Penpals and Packages

When I came home from our last wedding to attend to this year I found some packages!
I had jokingly agreed to be penpals with my friend's brother from what little I know of him, he is just as awesome as Beth is.  I wasn't really expecting much but it was very enjoyable and now I need to rack my brain with things to fill his package with (I'm really not trying to be dirty here just literal).

I opened it up to find an assortment of comic books.  He probably didn't know this but I spent about 6 years working at a comic books store part time in high school and college.  A lot of these titles I knew and some of them I had actually owned at one point, such as Ninja High School.

This is something I hadn't seen before and I look forward to reading it just from this little title.

I also got in my long waited Nfu-Oh No.51 nail polish that my friend Grace Dobush told me about.  I haven't even had a chance to try it yet but the bottle is so beautiful and the colors inside are like a mystic ball.  I'm working on getting this glittered Miss America OPI off of my nails so I can relish in this dark beauty for the halloween weekend.  I love how the bottle design is that of a women's corseted dress spread over both the bottle and the applicator top.  That kind of continuity in design makes me smile.

I haven't been sewing as much lately but more brainstorming still.  I've been having long discussions with friends regarding my Graduate school application as well as new portfolio work.  I mentioned before my current obsession with neurons.  I am finally putting some of those ideas into physical work and I'm happy with the direction I'm going.  This is a work in progress of silk natural thread embroidery on silk organza.  I'm feeling good about my direction lately and am very thankful for the awesome and supportive friends that I have cheering me on!

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