Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OOTD - Wisconsin Wedding

Doing a little backtracking on my Brother's Wedding in Wisconsin.  It was back on October first and their colors were Creme, Orange and Grey.

Anthropologie creme cotton dress that has slate blue/grey geometric shapes
Navy Anthropologie Drape cardigan
Coach Black and Grey Flats
Peach silk flower hair clip from AGACI in Chicago
Swatch baby blue watch
Emerald and gold Necklace from my Mother as a Birthday present

The shoes and pattern design of the dress up close.  The shoes had these coach logo silk rosettes for decoration that I hadn't seen on any of their typical store items.  I think It was a runway item since I got them from Filene's Basement. 
Speaking of which for those readers living in Columbus the Filene's Basment on Sawmill road is closing it's doors this Sunday (boo).  You can read the Article here.

My Dad and Me
A somewhat rare picture of us together and dressed decently.  Usually when I see him one of us is wearing sweats and hanging out at the house sick or being a couch potato so we hardly have a good reason to dress up together.

All the Men together Dressed up.
From Left to right my oldest brother Ed, my Husband Andy, my Dad and my middle Brother David who was getting ready to marry.

My Mom and Dad waiting for their turn at pictures with the couple and family.  I love that my mom wore her Hanbok for all three of our weddings.  It just seemed appropriate.  It's so pretty also how could you not want to be in the swathes of that pale green organza with delicate flower embroideries.

My Nephew got to wear the male version Hanbok as the ring bearer.  You can see it was a quite stressful for him.

Lastly I just had to throw in this picture of me and Niece.  She's really growing up quickly and such a pretty little girl.  I'll have great fun with her when she's a teen and we can go shopping together.

I know when I go to Weddings I always pay special attention to what other people are wearing do you?  If not maybe it's something fun to think about next time you are at one.

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