Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Float and the Orchids

I feel pretty lucky here in Columbus to have an extremely rich  inspiration resource close to me in the Franklin Park Conservatory. A conservatory is of course anywhere a great inspiration where else can you see all these wonderful plants that don't necessarily belong to your region year round?  My favorite is how gargantuan some of these plants are.  I day dream a little bit that I am in Bio Dome.  While we were there a orchid exhibit was going and it was glorious!  So many pretty and delicate flowers and other artist renditions of them as well.

 This was a glass Orchid Sculpture that I enjoyed, it was held up with armatures and it seems to be jointed in several areas.  Makes me think of bones.

 There was this gorgeous wall of Orchids where they were sprouting from both sides in the middle of a walkway. Below is a more detailed photo.  

 I loved these photo graphs of dried flowers and how you can see all the veins.  It was very inspiring to think of a wedding dress and floaty layers of silk organza in different colors or hand painted even.

 This was a unique little display.  A fairytale castle and town made completely out of natural materials except the little Disney figure's representing their fairytale.  It was rotating with orchids blooming everywhere and a train around the outer edge.

One of Andy's Favorite things to look at is the Bonsai trees at the conservatory.  Some of them are over 50 years old.  They are so well pruned and gorgeously sculpted.

Here is where the Float Event Started.  There was a band playing and people could buy their Ballons, LED light and make a wish.  The idea of float was to in a modern way celebrate the lunar new year the way some Chinese do where they float the paper lanterns into the sky with a wish attached to them.  Instead they were filling balloons with an LED, Helium and then you tied your wish onto it.  We did not let them go however because that would of been unfriendly to the environment.  They were weighted down by books and left out for everyone to enjoy till the end of the event.  All proceeds went to the Wonderland Studios Project.

This was my balloon and my wish.  
I'll never tell what it is.

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