Monday, March 07, 2011

Son Jung Wan

For NYFW I watched and kept track of all the big names but I think I enjoy the less well known names much better.  Maybe it has to do with my affinity of independence and small businesses.  I think since they are fresher and trying to make an impact they take design in a different approach which I can appreciate.  Sure that is a great pant suit by Ralph Lauren and another beautiful bedazzled dress by Badgley Mischka but how is it that much different then previous years collections?  I think with the bigger houses, design firms they get stuck into what they know and sells instead of presenting something truly innovative.

Anyways below are my favorite selections from Son Jung Wan a Korean Designer that showed at NYFW.  Th things that struck me about her collection was the calm and easy color pallette, the fantastic Knitwear and combination of textures.  Also her mix of proportions that made it appropriate for any women of any style and age.

She started the show with this simple but clean piece. A practical wool dress with cropped turtle neck sweater and super fun fur covered platform heels.
A close up for the simple but elegant cropped sweater turtle neck

At first the bustier top caught my eye with all the those chains of beading coming across then I noticed the gorgeous knitwear pants.  That is no easy feat to make a pair of knitwear pants that looks upscale and not casual.  They are also very hard to fit with the stretch usually being so severe.

A Close up of the Bustier and all those rows of Pearls

Even the sexy silk charmeuse dresses were well covered and tasteful.  Sometimes designer can really whore themselves out when it comes to the evening wear dresses especially a designer trying to get attention.  It's like a teenage girl acting out in high school when they do that.

The wonderful knit pants make another appearance in dark brown with a cute fur trimmed jacket

I really like these shorts for being as short as they are it's not hoochie just cute like bloomers.  Paired with those draping layers you hardly notice how short they really are.  The entire ensemble just works so well.

Yes it is a poncho but isn't if fabulous?  using the different lengths of the fur to make it have this chevron pattern and how it dips longer in the back to give it a little more shape and flow as well.

Another great and simple wool dress combined with another cropped turtle neck sweater.

Just a detail shot of the how the delicate and mazing the pieces must actually be up close and in person.  The rows of paillettes, beading and fur are just so luscious.

All photos are obviously from Now Fashion

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