Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Stripey Drapes

I love winter but this is going on a bit too long.  I am having to get more and  more inventive with my layering that I can wear something besides sweaters.  I'll be darn glad when I can wear skirts without leggings or stockings.  Currently it is just too cold when we were in the single digits.

Pulling out some of my favorite shirts I'm forcing myself to wear them in some way shape or form.  This idea came about from wearing my Gaultier Dress the other week.  It's a good exercise in styling and being creative. Some days it works some days it doesn't but that's how you learn what looks good on you.  I have this crazy shopping routine where I try on anything that even slightly peeks my interest in colors, cut, style.  I even try on things that I think are hideous. This way I can either confirm or surprise myself.  You never know what clothes looks like until you put it on.  When I was in retail I loved being in the fitting rooms and personal shopping because then I could do the same thing to other people and usually they were pleasantly surprised that they could pull off outfits out of their norm.

Black mock turtle neck - Express
Shark toothed drape stripe shirt - Express
Black Lace Skirt - UO
Grey ribbed tights - American apparel
Grey slouch fringe boots - Steve Madden
Ohio Necklace - Tiger Tree

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