Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Window Gazing

Whilst in Vegas there were quite a few choice windows that I could help put gafaw at and snap some photos.  Window displays always have had a place in my heart.  From my teens working in multitudes of clothing retail spaces I was always happiest to work on display teams and dressing the mannequins.  There are just so many ways to visualize a look and it's like art.  You want to invoke the viewer with some sort of feeling that will make them curious and want to enter the store to buy or admire.

First you have the fronts of the exteriors there are some ridiculously bling oriented store fronts but what else can you do when you are competing in such a Neon city?

I really enjoyed this toned down approach from Prada.  Simply making a pattern of all their different in season bags.  This looks not that big in the photos but in person it was huge.  Think of this covering a 3 story building and then you can understand the scale of this display.
Here is an up-close look at the Store front display
Miu Miu was another store front that I really enjoyed the simplicity.  The pattern was frosted glass damask pattern, very elegant and timeless.
Up close of the patterned glass

I just thought this was an excellent picture for the brand, Fendi.  The older gentleman in a suit standing to the side of the insignia stone work looking very stoic

This had of been one of my least favorite store fronts but favorite Window Displays!  The exterior was ultra modern with laser cut metal pattern and exaggerated lighting.

In the windows however was a mix of delicate and simple displays as well as over the board visual displays.
This clean set up of these peep-toe pumps was done very well.  Simple chosen props and the shoes displayed precariously showing off their best features such as the plaque on the back of the heel.
This Display below I could of stared at for hours in awe.  Each one of those boxes was printed with either logos or patterns from different Louis Vuitton bags.  They were all paper and delicately stacked all around.  I would die to just have one of the suitcase printed ones as a hanging lamp in the house.

This was yet another eyesore of too much glitz.  I don't mind all the glass but the mirrors all over the place was just looking tacky.

This display would of been so beautiful on just a plain white or black pedestal instead of this mirrored mess.  I feel that mirrors should only be used in a display to enhance the object so that you can see all sides of it or if the display needs a stronger depth of field.

These well dressed mannequins were probably the most comforting to look at.  Even though it doesn't do anything to promote branding it tells you exactly what they sell, elegant well draped garments.  There is also enough empty space behind them that the rest of the store is not distracting but you can see it is open, well organized and thus well thought.

Nothing special about these, just some crazy shoes that I drooled over, even though I would never wear them myself.  The platforms on them were just so interesting.  Maybe if they made a monotone color I would rock it, also if I could ever afford a shoe starting at over a thousand.

Another mirrored mess of a display.  It was just confusing, not classy at all.  The items in the display were also a mishmash.  I understand this was supposed to be a boudoir type set up but there was no common theme except that they were all accessories to go with a garment.
 This if It had been the only focus of the display would of done very nicely.  The soft pink of the fur hinting at the pink in the moonstone on the bags.  It allows you to see all the sides of the bag as well inviting you to investigate and makes you curious to want to hold or touch it.

Did you enjoy my critique of the window displays in Vegas?  What are your thoughts for good window displays that make you want to enter a store?

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