Thursday, March 17, 2011

TiLT - Chicago Edition

About two weeks ago I was in Chicago for a friend's birthday but also for my best friend's bridesmaid dress fittings.  While we were there I got to relive some of the things I've missed since I moved away from that City.  This is my tribute to those things that I miss and love.

1. The Art Institute of Chicago Museum.  To most people the out entrance is what they first think of but to me the art doesn't start until you are inside the building by those stairs.  They are like the cross-ways of time for me.

2. The Armory Room at the Art Institute of Chicago.  I could spend hours upon hours in that room looking at all the intricate metal work and the way things are jointed together.

3.  Millenium Park - It's just a great park, even though it was snowing we still got in our obligatory "bean" photos.  During the summertime it is a bumping place to be with live music, shows and just gorgeous the way it connects directly to the museum now with it's bridge into the modern art wing.

3. China Town Dimsum at Phoenix & Bubble Tea from Joy Yee's.
Phoenix is hands down still my favorite dim sum place in the midwest.  These Crab balls are HUGE and each has their own claw.  Can't get much better then that.  Joy Yee's has the best bubble teas I've EVAH.  They use only real fruit in all their mixes none of this powder tea business.  Every time we get dim sum we have to finish it off with bubble tea at Joy Yee's.

 4. Japanese Candy Store Aji Ichiban. This one is located in the Chicago "new" China town section.  They have pretty much candy for every single taste you have including my favorites of dried mango chunks and fish jerky.  Then you have more "normal" things like lychee jellies and pop fizzes.

5. Love- in all forms with my fiancee and friends.  Nothing is better then traveling to see friends or with friends and sharing those special memories.  It was a most excellent weekend!

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  1. I love Chicago! Definitely need to make a return trip!