Monday, March 28, 2011

Hats of Fancy

I feel a bit like a thief!  Majority of these photos are from Style Rookie, whom today has an incredibly delightful and open post about what it was like to sit next to Anna Wintour in a fashion show and being introspective on herself.  

Anyways that is not what my post is about.  Mine is actually pretty asinine in comparison but these are hats that I fell in love with from her blog.  I wish I had more reasons to wear cooky hats.  I have one little bow hat that I bring out once in a while to wear mismatched with a t-shirt and converse. Here is me and the hat on New Year's Eve on my crappy camera phone.
Now onto the gorgeous hats!
I think this one is layers of silk organza.  It is such a quietly dramatic piece, you really need to visualize the size of the hat when it is on a person crown to get the full effect.  It reminds me so much of this dress I spied while looking at wedding dress alternatives and bridesmaid options at Modcloth.

This hat reminds me of a the fish bones I find on the beach when we go to our friend's lake  house in Virginia.  Not at all disgusting but fascinating.  It looks like woven wood makes up this piece.  I wish I had another angle so I could see how it fastens to the head.

To me it looks like basket woven feathers.  So light and airy but at the same time it holds an uncanny feeling of density especially with the lopsided positioning on the head.

These two above and below are some of my favorites.  Back in college I would have dreams when I was double focusing in fashion and sculpture of making hats just like these for my future fashion shows.  I still dream about trying to create the bottom version in a mask form for some Halloween.

This was another hat that you just needed to see the entire ensemble to understand it's scale to the body which makes it that much more fantastic.  Not to mention that is one breathtaking dress!  If offered that dress i would wear it in an instant for my wedding.  But I'll just keep dreaming (ha).

More woven wooden wonders

All of Style Rookie's Photo's were from the "Accent on Fashion" exhibit in Antwerp.  
You can see her post here.

This is hat that is actually attainable through the BHLDN site.

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