Friday, March 04, 2011

Making Tape

You have probably seen those ultra Cute linen and cotton tapes on Etsy just like I have right? but the shipping from Japan or Korea seems a bit annoying for something as simple as decorative tape. I found that it's really not that complicated to make, but like most things it takes a little bit of patience.

Photo from Wonderland Room

The First thing you need it double sided permanent tape. The low residue photo safe just won't cut it. You need the extra stick to keep the cotton in place.

Then you need some scrap cotton fabric

I measure out the width to match the tape which happened to be 1/2"

Using my rotary cutter and mat I cut them into even strips making sure they are as straight and clean as possible.  It is very important to keep it straight since your tape is straight and you do not want weird string fly aways or bunching, Unless you are trying to go for the ruffled or pleated effect which may or may not be a bad idea ( that maybe a test tutorial later)

I have no pictures of the next party because both my hands were occupied by sticky double sided tape and wax paper.  Yes, Wax paper.  You can either cut the wax paper into slight larger strips to match the fabric or leave a square and put multiple rows onto one sheet.  You first pay down the double sided tape onto the Wax paper in the desired length then carefully press the cotton strip to match the tape.  Do not pull on the cotton to stretch it because once it is laid flat on the tape that will cause ugly buckles.  Once done roll it up and put it into a little snack bag ziplock to keep it dust free for later use.
That wasn't so bad now was it?

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