Thursday, March 24, 2011


This has been a random week.  I've been doing a lot of wedding related things and catching up on some blogging from previous trips.  Also my Tax Return came in and I have been less then frugal with it.  Not that I've gotten anything super expensive but all these little things are adding up.  I must be mindful since I have the wedding coming up.  At least I can write off most of these things as wedding related items since they are.

Now onto The Things I Love!

1. My new Alison Rose "Love your Librarian" T-shirt.  It is printed on ultra soft tri-blend t-shirt.  I probably buy at least 2-3 t-shirts from her a year.  One for myself and then a few for the boy.  She just has these amazing prints that are simple and not heavily printed the way most Threadless shirts are. 

2.  Looking up names in an old name book!  In a small section of my library I found all these old name books that are really fun.  Sometimes you get really out of date names or you find alternative ways to spell your own name.  Personally I prefer my name with an "H" because Ester is just a man made chemical compound for artificial flavoring.  I found out in another book that my name is also related to "Ishtar" a goddess of the moon and fertiility. 

From divingrocks on flickr
3.Lightening!  I love lightening and this week as been especially good with the storms and tornado warnings to watch late at night.  I remember in college in Chicago there was this top floor studio in the downtown dorms on the corner of State Street and Randolph Street.  It had large glass windows and me and my mates would go there every time there was an imminent storm to watch the carnage unveil across the lake in thunder and lightening.  I feel like it is really a divine thing to watch, such a force of nature crashing down into our world, regardless of where it lands.

4. Gorgeous and Gaudy hotel interiors.  It makes me feel like I am stepping through the walking glass! I might never want to decorate my home this way but it really is fun to stay in someplace so over the top that it is visually assaulting your eyes with dazzling glass and sparkles.  Even when it is kept classy but over done with all white laser cut curtains and chandeliers.  These were from my trip to Vegas in one of the City Center Hotel lobbies.

5. Taking time to smell the roses (or just any flowers).  Amidst all the hubbub of life, urban developments and conventions there is always some solitary beautiful bloom that I find.  I take a moment to appreciate it's singular beauty and be thankful we are not in some Neo-Tokyo Animal world where natural doesn't exist anymore.  We are in an age where we can choose to live harmoniously with our natural surroundings and not feel the need to destroy and develop over it all.  This bloom I found in a single bud vase inside the massive Consumer Electronic Symposium.  I stopped and had to take a picture of it's perfect opposition to where it was.

What things are you loving this week?

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