Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I went to Vegas

I went to Vegas back during the first week of January with Andy for the CES (Consumer Electronic Symposium).  He was there for work and I was there just to idly keep him company as well as a mini vacation.  I have never been to Vegas before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was happily surprised with the amount of things you could do there on the cheap and alcohol/gambling free.

We stayed at the very end of the Strip at the Stratosphere.  Not the best but not bad at all.   It was walking distance for the Uno & Deuce Bus lines as well as the Monorail.  Here are some choice photos from just the Vegas part of our Trip, CES alone could take up several posts.

Getting ready for our first ride on the Monorail

The photos below are from inside of this high end mall that we spent some time wandering around.  Just the inside was incredible the way it was decorated and incorporated so many different design elements.
This fountain had a very shallow depth but those white columns were actually ice that is formed when the water flows out the top of the super cooled tubes.

Below is a restaurant and information both that spanned two floors.

I was in love with this nifty set up for faux trees.  It has a metal trunk sculpture topped with a ton of easy to maintain spider plants just overflowing!  Below I am just always in awe of tiny fruits.  How cute to have kumqat trees in the middle of a mall.

These woven pod's were sitting area for a little coffee shop/cafe.

Just me loving on some more of the interesting sculptures inside.  This was a little field of plexi tubes with mini tornado's inside of them.  Different ones would cycle through where the tornado's would show up.
These Steps were just ridiculous, slices of quartz to decorate them.  I;m not in love with the color in fact I thought it was pretty hideous but I do love that idea.  I think if they would of been just grey and white tones it would of come off look much more classy instead of so kitschy.

Of course there was a wedding chapel that we walked by every night on our way to the strip.

Gorgeous Chinese homage to the Lunar new year in the Bellagio

Delicious desserts at the Bellagio Buffet which was probably my favorite dinner that we had there our entire time in Las Vegas.  It was just ridiculously good, we went for the Beef Wellington but stayed for the king crab legs and desserts.

MGM Grand, nothing more majestic then a huge metal lion.
(actually there are quite a few more majestic things just not in Vegas)
Seeing the MGM lions was my favorite free thing that we did.  I think I watched them for over half an hour.  They were just adorable.  Just like house kitties but HUGE.  They played, pounced, rolled around and did back wiggles.

Then there was Old Las Vegas in downtown.  That was pretty fantastic on it's own with the night time light show.
This was during the light show!  Amazing!

A view from the tower at the Stratosphere.  It surely did not disappoint!

Then some random wandering around photos.

Finally just us in our hotel room relaxing and watching "How I met your Mother"

And my Video from the Bellagio Fountain.  Do you now feel like you went to Vegas with me or will be making plans to go yourself?

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