Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When I am bored

Or also the Worst OTD EVAH!

I was trying to get some fabrics out of the way and avoid working on my wedding dress yet again so I took all this extra poly organza stuff that I used to drape my "muslin" for my dress and turned it into a petticoat skirt.  I was cold so I continued to pile stuff on from the dryer since it was just done and still warm.  When I came up for air and to use the bathroom I looked like this.

Yes very scary..... Fiancee stopped me and laughed and I knew I had to take a picture.

In all seriousness here is a photo of the petticoat not on me making me look the fool!
Amazing what clever things you can do with some free time, lot's of organza like poly fabric, ruffle foot and a simple a-line draw sting skirt pattern. I think this took me about an hour and half to make.  the nice thing with this fabric is I didn't need to worry about finishing edges.

Currently I am back on track with my wedding dress and blogging.  I took a small Hiatus with traveling this past weekend for a family funeral.  We went last minute up to Toronto Friday and came back Sunday.  It gave me a good reminder to check up on some friends I've missed because I've been so busy.  Today I wrote the last of my e.mails and snail mails.  I've also gotten quite a bit of new sewing projects done.  I'll have updates next week with some new blog content.  For now just laugh and giggle and my photos.

Tomorrow's TiLT will be a Chicago Special from my trip 2 weeks ago.  Cheers!