Monday, January 24, 2011

OTD : Out into the Snow!

These are some photos I took when we had our big snow storm a couple days ago.  It was so lovely and white.  But I have the worst taste in choosing backgrounds apparantly.  Black on a dark green evergreen, not the smartest Idea but thank goodness for my Picnik!  I find there is no excuse to not look good or fashionable just because it's cold outside.  It just means you need to get more interesting accessories or versatile pieces to miz and match more.

This Black coat is probably one of my biggest staples in my winter wardrobe.  I got it for trade when I did a bunch of knitwear pieces for Kelli Martin's fashion show after her return from project Runway, years ago.

Black Corset back Coat: Black Market (no longer open)
Mohawk Hunter Hat : My own design (Etsy) or locally at The Gangway
Black Mittens : Macys
Boots: North Face

Here you can see the corset type lacing in the back of the coat

There is just something so invigorating about being the first one to break into a patch of snow!

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