Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pen Obsession

I have this bad obsession with pens.  I used to collect them in every style and every color whenever I would visit Korea or in Japan during my layover on my way to and from Korea.  It started off innocent enough where I would buy a little box set of marbled or scented gel rollerball pens.

Photo from Jetpens

At this time I was also collecting Stickers and Stationary.  I think it was left over habits from before the days when everyone was connected and had e.mail.  I remember in middle school and even high school having a steady supply of these things and writing letters to friends.  That was justifiable back then.  Now it is simply an obsession with color, design and tactile feel.  It is extremely pleasing to me to hold a handful of the same pen in every color combination and look at it with my thoughts racing of the possibilities of things I could write or draw.  I have a personal journal that I keep outside of everything where I write in it with all different color pens and also keep scraps, memento's and such in it.  That barely justifies the amount of pens I have unfortunately.  I won a contest from my favorite pen store Jet Pens last year which was awesome but also slightly embarassing as it was directly related to my obsession with pens.

This Photo is what won me my gift card.

I have found a little bit more of justification for the pens, I need them to sketch! and to add color to my design work since I don't believe in full color just hints to get the feel of what it should be.  Some of the pens are also awesome for keeping track of which patterns go together by writing them in corresponding colors.  I have been good and not needed to get a matching mechanical pencil with every pen (that's something I used to do all the time).  Lately it's mostly pens and then I'll select a single glorious pencil or eraser once in a while.

My most recent Mechanical pencol was the Delful.
Which you see nestled here amongst my stock up of erasers (because they are no longer going to be able to import them).  This pen is unique due to it's weight and smooth feeling.  It is what is referred to as a "knock" pencil.  There is a weight on the inside so instead of pumping the clicker on top you simple shake the pencil to advance the lead.  This "knock" feature is my favorite while I am working on patterns because I can seamlessly keep working without being frustrated clicking the pen and moving my hand position.

But out of gluttony I just recieved these beauties in the mail. 

I am absolutely in love with the Frixxon markers and pens.  They have a unique ink that disappears with friction/heat and then will reappear in the cold (real cold like a freezer).  They are one of the few erasable pens that actually do erase with barely to no marks (depending how heavy your hand is on the paper with imprints).   I like to use them on my muslins since the ink also writes well on fabrics.  It's fun to watch it steam off but I still need to test if they are usable as replacement marking pens because if someone were to wear a garment in winter and all the notation show up again that would be unfortunate.  Or possibly really cool, like hypercolor t-shirts but not so cheesy.

Aren't they so pretty? ~droool~


  1. I have a major pen obsession as well. I have well over 1000 pens. If a pen comes in multiple colors, body styles or point sizes, i want them all, LOL. Jetpens is wonderful. I am awaiting my most recent order, though I am a bit disappointed as right after I ordered they put up new products! LOL. Guess I'll have to order again! :)

  2. I don't even know how many pens I have, every time I clean my craft room I find a pencil box or case that I forget about that has an entire set of colors of pens or mechanical pencils in every color body ~lol~ Jetpens is just so addictive!

  3. I have a pen bin where all of the pens end up - there's over a thousand pens in there. I'm so thankful that all of them are fairly cheap, or that I don't have fountain pen tastes... but a few bucks a shot is still a lot of ink. I've been holding back from Jetpens - I gotta pay the mortgage! :)

  4. Hi do you still have those zebra pticolon pens with you? I am really looking for those and I was wondering if you'd be willing to sell them, or tell me where I could possibly get them! Thanks.

    1. I don't have them anymore but i ordered them fro www.jetpens.com