Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 Inspirations

As I slowly trudge into this new year kicking and screaming to get out of my holiday slump I snatched up some pictures to put me back in mood to sew and create. Once again I am at a lose to tell you where they all came from but I'll try!
Wonderful Tentacles Knitted into a wreath, I'm love the idea of this into a collar of a sweater or jacket
I believe I got this off of Craft:

 Gorgeous texture and shape on this knitted Pineapple bag that I randomly found on the net.
Delicate spidery effect on this crocheted Hanger makes me want to do unpatterned lace panels into strech knit garments.

I just love the way this looks.
(Found on Stylebubble)

This shape just calls to me and the craftmanship of the wood is divine

This was an entry from Etsy for the contest of sending a craft to the Moon.
Her unconventional freehand embroidery on this gives me so much mojo for hand emboidery goodness.

I want so badly to create a little hanging plush city like I keep seeing all around. 
 I feel like this came from the same place as the Pineapple

Speaking of that Devilish Pineapple here he is again with closer look at those sublime knitted stitches

Something a little more class in Embroidery

No yearly inspriation can be complete without a look back at some Alexander McQueen

I think I saved this because of the Orgnaza Collar on the chick on the left side.  It made me want to do some more work with Organza while I am working on my wedding dress.

Goergeous ruffles in layers and layers and layers. 
This came from once again Style Bubble

Gold Paillettes Dress also from Style Bubble
The layers of these discs just looks like luscious scales from a dragon

These Images are from Park & Cube
I just love the knit wear inspriations of doing something a little bit different to something so simple and the gauzy layers with the open knit work.

Lastly no year for me can be without a little octo friend.  This image was taken from National Geographic site about strange new animals found in the year 2010.  This is a purple breed of Ocotpus.

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