Thursday, January 20, 2011

OTD 1.10.2011 - Greys and Neon Orange

Look at me!  In a matter of days My photos have already improved vastly!  I'm so happy because nothing is more embarassing then really terrible photo attempts on a blog.  People read blogs they want to see pretty new and interesting not blurry tired and tried to hard.

There are several awesome things in this photo which is why I had to pust this first.
1. My new Victorian Chaise from Mary Catherine's
2. My furry woodland cat Sir Benjamin Franklin
3. These poloroid type Prints from Clinton Reno (another Local Artist)

Now onto the outfit
Grey turtle neck Dress from American Apparel
Neon Orange Tunic Sweater from Urban Oufitters Sale
Neon Orange Tights- Express Sale
Grey Suede Fringe boots from Steve Madden (years ago)
Snide Smirk - my own creation

People sometimes find my hair fascinating, I like to find it out of my way.  When it is wet I simply put in a dolop of mouse and twist up the end, bump it forward a little bit and then clip it with a tiny claw

This is very minimal makeup.  Just some brow gel for shape, and liquid liner for a little cat eye swoop.
Lately I've been using the TokiDoki liquid Liner from Sephora

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