Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello monday!

Good Monday!  Usually I hate mondays but this is the start to a new week that is very exciting for me.  It's the start to the new semester for Continuing Education at Columbus College of Art and Design.  The first day is always so exciting because I have all new students to meet and projects to help them come up with and finish which in turn could be very inspiring to me.

Some people wonder if it get's boring teaching the same lesson semester after semester but I can honestly say that it isn't boring at all.  Since every class is a new group of people it's not like it's same thing over and over.  Seeing the Ah-ha moments on their faces as I do the demos and their approach to tackling the assignments are always different.  Sometimes there are the same questions but it's just a lesson in patience.  I have to tell myself even though I said this a thousand times over the years this could very well be the first time this person has ever heard the answer. 

Believe that teaching anything is also a lesson in patience for the instructor. 

This week I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!
We did some fun thing at Igloo Letterpress for my Wedding.
I did a quick jaunt to OHAYOCON.
Lastly I found that I have quite a few OTD's to catch up on bloggin as well

Cheers!  I hope you have a lovely and productive Monday!

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