Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas Spoils

OH and how, did I ever get spoiled!  I love Christmas not just because I get gifts but mostly I love to shop and giving other people gifts.  I like the challenge of trying to find the unique and perfect blend for someone else.

This year however my wonderful Fiancee out did himself completey!  He got me my long coveted DSLR camera and not even just the one I wanted but the newest biggest bad boy on the Nikon Block without going "pro"
I present my wonderful Nikon D3100 
(of course I didn't take the photo, that would be silly to try and take a photo with the camera that I am photographing I got it from here)

He also got me the long needed dvd/cdrw disc drive that I needed oh so badly for my little Dell netbook and of course a fantastically huge Memory Card for the new camera.  This thing is AMAZING!  Tha quality of photos doesn't even compare whatsoever to our little point and shoots.  I love being able to tinker again in the manual modes but now I can do it and be able to see the instant results.  Before with my Chinon SLR I would have to wait to take an entire roll in either B&W or Color and then get it developed and to my disaapointment only about half of the photos would turn out correctly but when they did it was so beautiful!  I still intend to keep this camera around and tinker with it when I have more expendable expenses.  I feel it is like having a treasure to still have a fully functional SLR from a Brand that no longer exists but was at the Top of it's game when it was in production.  The fact that I even have the flash to do with it is amazing and the timer still works as well.
To top it off, I ordered the remote shutter control from Nikon the MC-DC2 cord that is to arrive right before my Las Vegas trip!  So I can FINALLY set up a tripod properly and take some quality OTD photos.  That also means that I have a good excuse to not dress like a slob and take myself a little more seriously even if it is just Ohio. 
This is going to be the Start to some wonderful new things on this Blog.


  1. hey! have you tried your remote control? is it good?

    1. Yes I have used it frequently but with the cord it makes it limited to how far you can reach. It can be used to take some fun photo booth type photos but I mostly use it on the tripod when I am taking macro photos so I won't have to touch my camera with fear of nudging my settings.
      If you want a completely Wireless remote I also have this