Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Finished Projects - Piecing

Many a turns ago I had a blog post about this pieced quilt type thing I was making to put in our bathroom to cover up the spaces that were our built in shelving spaces.  Very awkward little space directly across from the toilet.  Those were finished shorting after but I never did get the photo posted.  Finally with my new fangled camera I am going around and taking pictures of things to finally post.  It was a little tricky since it is directly across from the toilet in a small bathroom.

 This first one hides our spare toilet paper and trash can. very narrow space, you can probably guage it off the toilet paper roll peeking out.
 This is the full length of the Upper, it hides about 5 shelves of toiletries and random cleaning supplies

Close up of the Top half

 Middle portion of top hanging

*I noticed that I didn't actually talk about Piecing here or the other post.  It is an interesting process it's like knitting compared to crochet for people who sew garments instead of Quilts.  Same medium but different forms.  Piecing is about being exact, absolutely exact.  It's like a puzzle but a little more difficult as you don't have nice blobby shapes that fit perfectly together with their match.  You must be competatnt in keeping everything in order because 1/4" off and you are toast!  Also pressing is highly important to piecing.  Unlike a garment where you can fiddle and fudge some or press it all at the end for the most part (if you aren't tailor obsessed like me) you must press all seams as you are piecing.  I thought it would be easier to make things more random and skewed and work everything else around it, but nope.... would of been easier with a more simple pattern palette. 

One of my awesome books I got for Christmas!

I have several other projects lined up such as chiffon skirts, leather bags, more hand embroidery, exploring millinery techniques and editing some machine embroidery patterns.

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