Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paris Sewing Cafe and dreaming

Today on Facebook my friend Sheila posted this link to a Sewing Cafe in Paris!

The Article is here "Sweat Shop"
Picture is taken from the Article

It is an amazing and wonderful Idea.  Classes, coffee, juice, for adults and childern, Sewing machine rentals by the hour.  This is very near to my heart with a dream I have for opening my own place up in Columbus.  I have an 8 year plan.  Of course I would like it to be sooner but money needs to be saved and time carefully judged between work, teaching and wedding, eventually family.

I'm a planner deep down even though it seems I do things on a whim sometimes.
I thought I would never want to do this in my life but the more and more I dwell on it and am inspired by my friend Stephanie Bair- Garant and her shop, The Gangway, I can't help but dream.

Interior Photo of back of the Gangway

My dream is to in 8-10 years open my own little store in Grandview/Columbus area. The missing link Yarn, craft gift store that is lacking. Someplace to have tea, knit, paper craft, what have you, that isn't Joanne's that specializes in the unique, handmade, and elegant.

How wonderful would that be to have my own little shop with some kitties in tow where I can sit, blog, create and inspire other people. Have very simple DIY classes and just some general workshop hours, making little cubicles to use in house die-cutter tools and purchase things as needed. A small library collection to browse while in store.  Perhaps some embroidery machines.

I look at balls of yarn, knick knacks, the things I save from magazine after magazine that I think someday this will make a beautiful card. I am a collector and the only way to make room in my life for new things is to sell them and give them away. There are also so many things I want to continue to do and I feel like I just do not have the time to really get these things accomplished unless I have full days to dedicate to perfecting them.

My main joys in life are to make things whether it be from fabric, paper, beads, wood upcycled items. I feel like it is the next step in my life is to pursue this after I am more financially settled and the wedding is over. School sounds interesting but not as interesting as educating myself and reviving some long ignored crafts into this new world of Indie Crafts and DIY mentality.  Not to mention just having my own little awesome space to meet with friends, past students and meet new people.

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