Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OTD January 3rd, 2011

Okay! So I am trying really hard to start this year off right with my new spiffy camera and take some OTD photos but I am in constant learning and transition.  Like where is a good place to take the photos (IE Not in the low ceiling basement)  There will be one more small set in the basement because I didn't learn my lesson the first time.  I got my wondorous cord in the mail and I don't know what posessed me to think 1 meter (3 feet) would be long enough for me to take photos of myself from head to toe in one shot.  Unfortunately that is currently the only remote shutter on the market for my camera that isn't professional grade costing more then $500 bones.

Fair isle Sweater with Feather & Fan stitch: Tulle from TigerTree
White Undershirt : Express
Jeans: Dark Denim Zelda Ultra Skinny Express
Boots: Miss Sixty from Victoria Secret Catalog
A Closer less sexy look at the Boots. 

They were my huge splurge this winter and completely worth it.  Super Comfortable and looked great with my skinny jeans.  Rubber soles that are long wearing and flexible.  Best part is that they are over the knee and do not make you look like a hooker!

So the lessons learned from these photos are:
1. Pay attention to your background
2. Don't be afraid to be cheesy in the photos
3. Run Fast to get maximum pose time from timer
4. Make sure there is nothing to trip you and don't trip on your tripod
5. Keep your legs mostly together
6. Don't shoot photos in the basement if you want them to look nice

I remember when Style Bubble did this post about how cheesy she felt taking OTD's and how there were only so many poses she felt comfortable in but I can't find the specific post.  I think Keiko Lynn talked about it also once upon a time.  I swear more recently (like in the past 3 months) I read something from Park & Cube on how uncomfortable it was to pose for OTD's.

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