Friday, January 21, 2011

The Myth of Socks and Heels

Photo from Song of Style

The Trend that I have seen gaining regular popularity is wearing socks especially knee highs with open toe heels. I say it is a Myth that they go together. First of all Knee high socks that stay up? If you have ever tried to wear Knee High socks and they stayed above your knees the entire day you are either
A. Freak of Nature
B. Have found some golden pair of knee highs and you must share the Brand with me.

Also trying to wear socks with an open toe heel is just not comfortable.  Open toe heels are made with a sole meant for slim tights (or as I say thin so that your feet can sweat and stick to them) or just barefoot.  Whenever I have worn socks with an open toe heel (which is not very often since it is uncomfortable) my feet keep sliding, slipping and pinching in new wrong and painful places.  It might look cute and pretty but there are problems walking as opposed to standing.

Both pictures are from Sea of Shoes

The top sandal looks super cute you can see ever so slightly how the slippage is leaving her some gap at the heel.  It is much more evident in this photo direcly above in her Mohawk Prada Shoes.  If you went to a store and tried on shoes and had that much of a gap in the heel you would say they don't fit and wouldn't buy them, correct? So why would you intentially want to make your shoe ill fit and uncomfortable?

The only decent Solution I can think of was well worn in this OTD from Camilla.  Suspender like contraption to keep the knee highs up.  It's on my list of things to make for myself.  Of course they might just be those clips that you find for kids so that they don't lose their gloves and they stay connected to their jacket sleeves.

Just to show you this Myth is true I have the perfect OTD to show you my personal experiment with it.

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