Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoes to Take!

This is a completely random post for my friends show specifically have size 5.5-6 feet.  I am trying to do a big overhaul on shoes that I do and do not wear.  I found that I had been getting a lot of shoes that aren't quite my size but they were too damn cute to give up.  My foot is actually a size 5 but when your luck is down on finding your size you gotta fake it sometimes.

Luckily last year I made the vow to myself to only get shoes in my size and to spend the extra money on quality shoes that I am in love with rather then trying to fill this void of colors and styles.

Here are the shoes up for grabs

Steve Madden - Good condition size 5.5 velcro strap closure, easy to walk & run in (yes I said Run)

Patent black Pumps with open toe - Size says 5 but they fit like a 5.5 - Worn Once

Black leather Stillettos from Aldo size 5.5

Pink leather open toes - Worn Once size 6

If you want them let me know, the only thing I ask is to pay for shipping if I need to do that.

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