Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ohayocon Post date from last year.........

**Dislacimer** This is a post that I had apparently forgottan to post last year after Ohayocon and I just found it while looking up something else.  I thought I might as well post it since later this month is Ohayocon once again.

So this past weekend I went to the Famed OHAYOCON, it is an anime convention.
If you didn't remember from an earlier "Truth" I am a huge video game anime nerd.  I love this stuff.  I really think it is great fun but only to a point.  I am not what they call Otaku.  I love it but I don't need to live it and it is mostly a good excuse for a lot of really cool friends from out of town to come into town to spend some quality time together.   I did one cosplay which was was the Nana outfit.  No photos of this yet, still waiting to get one from a friend.  I was a little sad by the crowd, did not seem to have as many people as the years before.  I feel like the entire economy crash is still affecting people more then expected. I mean coming from out of town that is a lot of money you are dropping for a weekend of basically nothing but hanging out and being with other Fans.  A large part of these Anime Conventions I feel is made up of younger kids still in High School.  If you are a High School kid of course most everything is dependent on your parent.  There is travel expenses, hotel room for 2-3 nights, Convention pass fees, food for the weekend and not to mention general spending money in the Dealer's (vendor's) Room.

I am an adult going to this and still I feel it is a bit of money I need to save up.  There are certain toys or plushies I look out for to collect and you never know when a good import game is there.  Just for a 2-day pass I paid $30 and then I spent another $94 at one booth and $24 at another booth and that was small change to what I have spent in the past.

Along with what I felt a lack of people were the lack of Cosplayer's and Vendor goods.  All I think have in part to do with the Economy.  Some Cosplayer's will spend several hundred dollars on a one time costume for a convention, but then those are high quality and very detail oriented.  I saw very few compared to the normal years.   As with Vendor's good toys cost more money but I didn't see anything really original or new that I wanted and what was there was old merchandise with higher prices then the other years.  All was not a total lose because there was one vendor there selling Authentic Toki Doki merchandise and giving a hefty discount.  I got a new purse and cell phone holder which I will show later.

For now here are some closing pictures from above the common area in the Con

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