Monday, January 03, 2011

OTD- New Year's Eve

Bad start. Never let drunk boyfriend be responsible for taking your OTD photos.  We were a smashing couple but he was also quite smashed by the time we got home on New Year's day so the best I have are these and some Makeup photos.

My dress is by Romeo and Juliet, black sweater dress with an exposed back zipper.
 Makeup as Follows
Brows are MAC Spiked
Clear Brow Gel Sephora Brand
Eyeshadow is MAC White Frost for highlight
Eyeshadow is MAC Crimson pigment
Eyeliner is MAC navy gel liner
False Eyelashes from korean brand
Lips are MAC Russian Red
Foundation is Some Kind of Gorgeous Light from Benefit
Primer is Dr. Feelgood from Benefit
Eye primer is Urban Decay

These are the shoes I wore, Betsey Johnson's

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