Thursday, January 13, 2011

OTD January 4th, 2011

This is the other short set of bad Basement photos.  Also why do boyfriends enjoy failing to tell you when an outfit you are wearing makes you look boobalicious?  I had to retake this photo several times because it just looked weird and then I figured out what it was, OH it made my boobs look unusually huge.  Typically that is something Asian women do not have a problem with but with the "Chung Rage" in my family also comes the "Chung boobage".  At my cousin's wedding me and the other female cousins discussed the problem in depth, both the rage and the boobage.  Our Grandma left us with some very interesting genes.

Mock Turtle Neck - Express (back when Northland mall existed)
Babydoll shirt - Alternative Apparel (it was a STEAL on sale for $12.99)
Jeans - BDG from Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Minnetonka from Macys
Necklace - State of Ohio from Tiger Tree by Kris Nations

A closer look at the delicate necklace.

Close up of my shoes that I got for Christmas, super comfortable and warm.

From this set of photos I learned:
1. Detail shots are fun and enjoyable to look at
2. I should try to smile or do something instead of smirking in photos
3. Put some makeup on even if I didn't really wear it that day to at least make myself look awake
4. Check my hair before a photo

I should probably make a checklist and laminate it and keep it in my camera bag.
Speaking of camera bag that is one of my sewing projects I am working on.  Figuring out the pattern and how to keep my new lovely safe.  That my dears is yet another post...........

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