Friday, January 28, 2011

OTD: Adventures in Camel

So this day I was trying to be a little adventerous with setting up a little bit and trying a different postion.  It wasn't utter fail but it wasn't particulary good either.  I know I should just stick to sewing but to be honest I haven't don't a lot of sewing lately except for that client with the Jumpsuit.  It probably has a large part to do with the dungeon being severely cold in the winter and when I layer sweats and hoodie all I want to do is lay in a comatose state on the couch or floor upstairs.

Sweater - Catherine Malandrino
Skinny Jeans - ReRock for Express
Boots - Miss Sixty for Victoria's Secret

In the non-outfit word I am working diligently on writing a crochet pattern and replacing a lost arm on a sweater for another Client.  She took the sweater below to the Dry Cleaner's and they lost the arm piece.  What a total annoyance eh?  At least this is a yarn I keep on hand almost always so making the new piece won't take that long.  Notice how these are things that I can do from the comfort and warmth of my couch. (oh the shame of laziness and avoidence of cold)

Model is April Camp with Wing's Model Management in Cincinnati
Photo by Chip Willis

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