Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Patterns Versus Charts

Whenever I have a the need to record a knitting or crochet pattern it is always so difficult for me to judge what type of pattern I should churn out.  Personally I rather enjoy making projects that use Chart type Patterns but it seems like more of the american population that I talked with are more adept with the text and acronym filled version of patterns.

While writing a pattern myself before editing it down for the public eye it is a huge messy conglomuration of the two.  Depending on my mood I can find it easier to explain something in text form but when I am jotting it as notes I am doing chart indicators in rows and rows.

Here is my Chicken Scratch

This is a Chart from a Japanese Knit/Crochet book

This is a Text Base Pattern that most people are Familiar with
(it also happens to be my first published Pattern!)

The pattern I am currently working on is for this little Huffalump that I am going to teach a Class on soon at Wholly Craft!  Along with the huffalump I will be teaching Broom Stick lace crochet and some Crochet  Flower patterns for Spring.

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  1. So cute! My girls would love those huffalumps!