Thursday, February 03, 2011

7 years ago this day - OTD

Well not exactly this day since it was January 21st but 7 years ago from then Andy and I started the journey that has lead to our engagement and soon to be marriage in the summer!

It was very convenient that it also happened to be Restaurant Week when our Anniversary hit so we got some top notch nosh at discount prices.  We dined at The Claremont, which if you have never been there is like a step back to the 70's fine dining experiance. 

This is what I wore that night.
Gold Bib Necklace - Express
Heather Brown Turtle neck - Victoria's Secret Catalog
Leopard Print Dress- H&M on sale $20
Skinny Jeans - Re-Rock for Express
Dark Brown Wooden Studded Clogs - Michael Kors

In the past couple days I've finally put my head to the grindstone and started to work on my wedding dress.  I'm using a lot of Silk Organza and it's such a hard process.  Not because the design is difficult but because it's my wedding dress!  I will know all the mistakes all the quirks even though no one else ca see them.  It's hard even with all my sewing experiance to think about wearing what I make for this big day.

I've also decided to deck out the band in some custom accessories and outfits.  The three insturmentalists (Guitar, Bass and Drums) will have bowties in my wedding colors and the two ladies (singers) will be wearing dresses to match the boys.  I want to go with a little vintage rocker geek chic for the look.

Photo from Flickr - Laura Singer

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