Friday, February 18, 2011

It's begun

My biggest and most stressful project has officially started to take some shape.  This project that I speak of is a dress for my wedding, not necessarily my wedding dress but it might be.  We'll see where it goes from here.

The Inspiration for this I am taking from a traditional Korean hanbok but modernizing it.

I like the modern and muted color pallet of Hanbok Lynn so I would like to go with that for the Ceremony if the dress turns out like I hope it will.  Otherwise it might just end up being an underskirt for the reception.

Here is what I have started thus far.  I don't think I will keep the bow at the top but who knows ones I get them into the right fabrics.  This right now is my mock up for size, pleating and measurements.

The one nice thing while I am working is the Kitty's are really interested in all of it so I get company in that cold cold basement. The materials for the final will be either a silk charmeuse lining or a light weight cotton/linen blend.  I know they are vastly different, it just depends how the weight of each one goes with the out skirts.  The final exterior will be all silk organza.

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